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ES Industries jest uznanym producentem wysokiej jakości kolumn HPLC. Produkowane przez firmę kolumny są zaprojektowane tak, aby z łatwością obsługiwać różne obszary zastosowań: farmacja, ochrona środowiska, produkcja żywności, chemikalia petrochemiczne i specjalistyczne. Ponadto kolumny te można stosować na wszystkich poziomach analizy, począwszy od procesu opracowywania metod, analizy LC / MS, analizy kontroli jakości i oczyszczania preparatywnego za pomocą SFC lub HPLC.

Phase Functional group Pore, A Particle, um Carbon, % pH range Use
base-deactivated phase columns
Chromegabond WR C4, C8, C18 120 3, 5 Chromegabond WR (Wide Range) is specially deactivated to produce superior peak shapes for amines and acids. The superior performance is the result of a multistep process beginning with ultra pure synthetically produced spherical silica. This synthetic silica is manufactured using ultra pure metal free reagents.
Chromegabond BAS C8, C18, CN, Phenyl
HC (high-carbon) C18
120 3, 5
AquaSep proprietary „AQ” 100 3, 5 AquaSep is the best performing aqueous stable phase available commercially. Its performance is the result of a combination of superior technology and strict quality control.
ProTec-RP C8, C18, Phenyl
with embedded amide group
100 3, 5 ProTec-RP columns can often produce better peak shapes for amine compounds than Chromegabond WR and can be used with 100% aqueous mobile phases.
Epic high-density high-resolution
Epic C8, C18 C8, C18 120 3, 5 1 – 12
Epic C4 SD, C18 SD C4, C18 (super dense) 120 3, 5 1 – 12 Highly hydrophobic, super dense and exceptionally inert phases for the analysis of both acids and bases.
Epic Polar proprietary „AQ” 120 3, 5 18 1 – 12 Epic Polar is a high density packing specifically engineered for the retention of polar analytes even with 100% aqueous mobile phases.
Epic Polar XP proprietary „AQ” 120 3, 5 18 1 – 12 The Epic Polar XP ODS phase has been specifically developed using patented technology for use with highly aqueous mobile phases, including 100% aqueous, along with a specially developed propriety endcapping technology.
Epic Amine HD, C4, C12, C18 AI
CN, FSP, FDD, Phenyl, TMS
120 3, 5

Chromegabond traditional RP phase columns
C1, C2, C3, C4, C6, cC6, C8, C18, Phenyl
Alkylphenyl, CN, DIOL, Amine, Diamine, Triamine
60 … 4000 3, 5, 10

Unique RP columns
Epic Phenyl Hexyl Phenyl-Hexyl 120 3, 5 Epic Phenyl-Hexyl uses a hexyl-linked phenyl phase. The hexyl alkyl chain provides for unique selectivity and increased hydrolytic stability when compared to propyl-linked chemistry. The Epic high-density bonding technology delivers to the chromatographer superior performance, durability, and enhanced lot-to-lot reproducibility.
GammaBond Alumina RP1, RP8 80 5 1.3 – 12 GammaBond Alumina is a family of exceptionally stable alumina-based HPLC columns designed for extreme pH applications to provide high efficiency and unique selectivity.
Chromegabond ODS-PI C18 (polar imbedded) 120 3, 5 Chromegabond ODS-PI is produced by a single step bonding approach and avoids all the difficulties faced by amide based polar imbedded columns which suffer poor pH stability and undesirable interaction with acids.
Chromegabond PSC C8/C18 100 3, 5 14 2 – 8 Chromegabond PSC (pharmaceutical separation column) is prepared by using a mixture of C8 and C18 groups. These columns are able to retain both highly polar and hydrophobic compounds.
Chromegabond C22 C22 100 3, 5, 10 22 2 – 8 The Chromegabond C22 is ideally suited for the separation of triglycerides, PAHs, and steroids.
Fluorinated phases
Epic PFP-LB, FO-LB low-bleed PFP, FO 120 3, 5 1 – 10 With their low bleed characteristics Epic PFP-LB (pentafluoro-phenyl) and FO-LB (perfluorinated C8) phases are well suited to the separation of trace impurities especially for halogenated analytes, lipophilic compounds and environmental samples. 
Chromegabond PFP-T pentafluorophenyl 60 5 One of the first HPLC columns specifically developed for the analysis of Taxol.
Chromegabond LS / LS-HS fluoroaliphatic 180 / 100 3, 5 Chromegabond LS (lipophilic separations) has been developed for the analysis of fat-soluble vitamins, fatty acids, aliphatic pharmaceutical, and surfactants.
FluoroSep-RP Propyl (FP)
perfluoropropyl 300 5 2 – 8 FP is high efficiency short chain phase used for the separation of proteins, peptides, and other related compounds of medicinal/biological interest.
FluoroSep-RP Octyl (FO)
perfluorooctyl 60 5 2 – 8 The fluorinated octyl has retention similar to that of standard C8 phases, but with very remarkable selectivity for the most demanding separations, including enhanced selectivity for halogenated compounds.
FluoroSep-RP Phenyl (FSP)
pentafluorophenyl 60 3, 5, 10 Chromegabond FSP has been extremely useful in the separation of epimers. It is also an excellent alternative to ODS columns for the bulk characterization of pharmaceuticals. Many of the impurities co-elute with the active compound on ODS columns and even major changes in mobile phase composition can fail to improve separation. Chromegabond FSP can often separate these impurities. In addition, impurities can be more definitively resolved thus improving quantification and reproducibility.
HILIC phases
Epic HILIC-HC polyhydroxy 120 3, 5 Epic HILIC-HC (HC for high capacity) is composed of a polyhydroxylated polymer coated and bound to silica. This composition provides hydroxyl levels that are well above conventional hydroxyl and diol type stationary phases.
Epic HILIC-RP polyhydroxy/C18 120 3, 5 Epic HILIC-RP is a combination of a polyhydroxylated polymer coated and bound to silica and ODS groups also bound to silica. This composition provides hydroxyl levels that are well above conventional hydroxyl and diol type stationary phases.
Epic HILIC-PI aromatic amine 120 3, 5 Epic HILIC-PI is an excellent choice for samples containing polar amines.
Epic HILIC-FL fluorinated phase 120 3, 5 This phase provides excellent retention/peak shape for polar halogenated compounds, polar amines and polar aromatic compounds.
Epic Amine HD, DEAP (diethylaminopropyl)
120 3, 5, 10

Specialty columns
Chromegabond NPI bonded monoalcohol 60 3, 5, 10 This phase provides similar selectivity to silica gel but is considerably less active. The Chromegabond NPI column also exhibits different selectivity other than polar bonded columns such as DIOL and CN. An NPI column is very useful for the separation and isolation of compounds found in natural products, for steroids and fat-soluble vitamins.
Chromegabond Carbohydrate bonded amine 120 5 Specifically designed for the analysis of sugars, sugar alcohols and oligosaccharides with mobile phases typically composed from 50-95% acetonitrile and 50-5% water.
The RingSep column was developed specifically for the separation of aromatic compounds by ring number.
MacroSep C4, C8, C18
300 3, 5 The MacroSep line is based upon ultra-high purity metal free silica containing highly controlled pores of 300A diameter. This column technology is a superior tool for the analysis of proteins, peptides, and other biomolecules.