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Kolumny Vydac TP to pierwsza i najbardziej popularną seria kolumn o szerokich porach wykorzystywana do separacji peptydów i protein.

Vydac TP Phase Functional group Particle 
size (um)
 Chromatographic Properties Application/Benefit USP Code
Vydac 218TP C18 3, 5, 10 First generation polymeric C18 phase with unique selectivity Small polypeptides 4-5K MW, enzymatic digest fragments, natural and synthetic peptides, multi-ring compounds L1
Vydac 238TP C18 5 First generation monomeric C18 phase Use for same applications as 218TP, but offers different C18 selectivity L1
Vydac 208TP C8 5 Less hydrophobic than C18TP phase Polypeptides 10-20K MW L7
Vydac 214TP C4 5,10 First generation C4 phase Glycoproteins, haemoglobin variants, histones, insulin variants, membrane proteins L26
Vydac 214ATP C4 5 C4 phase with lower level of endcapping Optimised for analysis of human growth hormone L26
Vydac 219TP Diphenyl 5,10 Lowest capacity first generation diphenyl phase Polypeptides with aromatic side chains, large hydrophobic proteins, membrane-spanning peptides, lipid peptides, fusion proteins from inclusion bodies L11
Vydac 201TP C18 5, 10 Non-endcapped C18 phase Developed for separation of PAHs L1
Vydac 202TP C18 5 Higher carbon load than 201TP Developed for separation of PAHs L1

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